Share Spaces with Virtual Reality Digital Content

Explore Media is a world leader in 360ºx360º spherical video and photography, interactive virtual tours, aerial drone cinematography, real-world 3D scanning and interior mapping.

Google Tours

Change the way visitors view your establishment with a customized Business View tour. Our certified Google Trusted Photographers create panoramic tours of the interior of your business that can then be featured on Google Maps, Google+ Local and even your website.

360º Video

Capture more than just video, capture experiences. Our 360º video technology allows you to be in control of what you want to see. Provide customers with the most engaging videos to watch and share. Videos can be customized with sound, animation, graphics, and links.

3D Imaging

Virtually shape the landscape and logistics of your company with our affordable 3D structure building solution. Occipital’s mobile 3D structure sensor scans endless configurations. The device mounts to an iPad and uses an infrared laser to scan objects and layouts.

Explore with Google Virtual Tours

A virtual Google Tour will change the way visitors view your website and your business establishment. Test the interactive Google Tours displayed below.

The Benefits are Undeniable

Explore Media is contracted by Google to create 360º virtual businesses on Google. They are featured on Google Maps, Google Search, and Google Local+ Listings.









360º Video

The 360ºx360º Live Action Videos offer interesting, original experiences, tempting customers to watch them multiple times and share their experiences.

Engage Your Audience

Our most advanced technology involves a $35,000 camera system, made for us by the company that invented Street View for Google. Compared to any other technology on the market, the experience of 360º video is the closest to reality, paving the way for a new form of digital marketing.

Explore Media’s experiential entertainment can be enhanced with voice narration, digital signage, animation, graphical overlays, as well as web links for advertising and transactions. Embedded into websites, desktops and mobile devices, it delivers an experience unlike any other online medium, making it is perfect for online viral propagation.


3D Imaging

Virtually shape the landscape and logistics of your company with Explore Media’s instant and affordable solution to 3D structure building.

3D Structure Building by Occipital

InfraRed Technology

Our InfraRed sensor technology can scan 3 dimensional spaces and objects and impose those images into other media spaces, like animation, gaming, virtual reality stores and information databases. Engage your audience in a fully immersive and integrated experience.

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Explore Media's mission is to satisfy the needs of our client's by utilizing the latest technological advances to deliver services with extraordinary quality, rapid production times and affordable prices.

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